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What Is Blogging

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There are three ways to make money with blogs

  • Freelancing and consulting — You use your blog as a platform to find clients and customers for your own services.
  • Affiliate Marketing — You advertise some Brand products and you get a commission on that sale.
  • Infoproducts — You can make Online courses, webinars, e-books, etc publish them on your blog

How to start blogging

Step 1 — Choose your Niche

This is the most important step of your blog. This section is the foundation of your blog. But the interesting thing is that 50% of the world’s population uses the Internet. Virtually every topic you are interested in has an audience. But some topics work better than others. You need to find a topic that attracts a large audience of both when appealing to you. You need to find out if others are interested in the topic you have chosen. Otherwise, you may end up with a blog that doesn’t attract a lot of people.

Step 2 — Get Webhosting & Domain services

Domain name

Step 3 — Customize your Blogging Platform

Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. The two hosting providers you purchased would have bought you the opportunity to download WordPress. It will come to your WordPress Live as soon as you download it.
We completed 50% of the work on our trip. That’s great.

Step 4 — Write Blog posts

Post your blog at least once a week. Do this without missing a week. This is the heart part for your goal. Keep in mind that you are reducing the traffic of your website even if you miss a week. It is best to post 3 or 4 posts a week if you can.

Step 5 — Grow your Audience

Did you do all the steps mentioned above?
That way you don’t have to worry about traffic to your webpage. You finish your things better. Nothing to worry about output when your input is correct. You constantly do SEO and publish your blog. Everything is going well.


We have come to the final part of our article. Thanks for spending your precious time and reading my article. I hope my article has given you value for your time. Now you have a way of knowing how to start blogging. In my next post, we will explore blogging sites that beginner can use for free. Post your comments in the comment box. See you again in another article. Thanks.

Source of information. Grow your business and change your life.

Source of information. Grow your business and change your life.